University of Bristol, School of Management

The new School of Management was officially launched at the start of August 2020, from its predecessor the School of Economics, Finance and Management. Management has a long tradition at Bristol and is positioned to take a social sciences-based and interdisciplinary approach to management and organisation studies. The school is located in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

The school’s ambition is to focus on the global and societal challenges of our time. These challenges are complex and demand multi-stakeholder engagement with academic and non-academic partners. It will seek to be a pluralistic school that values inclusive inquiry and professional respect for different disciplines and traditions.

The University of Bristol School of Management’s vision is to: "Empower leadership for a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous world through a progressive understanding of management and organisation in alliance with business, government and society."  The school’s mission is to: "Inspire the next generation of global citizens and leaders to address the grand societal changes of our time."

We have appointed highly respected staff from a wide range of complementary disciplines from management and organisation studies and beyond from other pure and applied social science fields.

Our ongoing focus is to be critically reflective and evidence informed on the significant changes that face individuals, organisations, communities and policymakers in the 21st Century - changes that are driven by processes of globalisation, inequality, governance, entrepreneurialism and innovation in the advent of digital, network economies and the challenges of environmental and social sustainability.

In order to rigorously address these issues, our community of management scholars are currently conducting pioneering research in their Academic Groups and Interdisciplinary Challenge-led Research Themes, which we plan to expand.


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