Membership Benefits

Our member business schools benefit from our unique position as their representative body for this vital part of the higher education sector. Through access to business intelligence within the network we are able to offer our members support tailored in response to common needs and challenges. Our professional development programmes and events equip and prepare staff with fresh strategic thinking to apply across management roles in key areas of business schools. We listen to our members and act as their collective voice in order to affect policy change or create opportunities through dialogue with government and business.

Benefits for business schools. We:

  • Provide professional development programmes and events for key staff across business schools
  • Facilitate networks and communities to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Lobby government, funders and policy makers on issues that affect business education providers
  • Facilitate dialogue with the business community, from start-ups to large corporations
  • Analyse national statistics, policy and trends and explain their impact on business schools
  • Develop awards programmes to help business schools highlight their areas of expertise
  • Represent the sector in the media and act as their collective voice
  • Offer preferential members’ rates to attend our events

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