Message on the release of the Academic Journal Guide


Today has been an incredibly frustrating day for everyone involved in the Academic Journal Guide, and for those of you wanting to use it. The Academic Journal Guide was ready to be launched at 11:00. As many will be aware, the Guide website has been taken down by what our developers believe to be an attack on the server it is hosted on.

At 10:50 the website was working perfectly. Apparently it has since been receiving 5,000 hits per second, which the developers attribute to an attack which they are trying to identify but it keeps bringing their server down. The volume has not subsided. We had expanded the band width ahead of the launch to ensure it could cope with higher than expected volumes of traffic but the people who manage the server say they have never seen this volume of traffic before and must be the result of some sort of hacking.

Again, this is very frustrating, more so as it’s out of our control. Our developers are putting in place a solution but it may take up to 24 hours before the site goes live. Please note the guide will only be online. We will alert you as soon as the website is operational.

Thank you for your patience.