National Student Survey 2017: Business and administrative studies results

Marylebone Campus 26.2.2013 (c)Joanne O'Brien-1306

The results of the 2017 National Student Survey were released to the general public on 9 August 2017. The survey asked students across the UK 27 questions to rate their institution on the general themes of teaching, learning opportunities, assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, learning community and student voice. Over 300,000 final-year students took part in the survey, around 68% of those eligible.

Following a major review, the National Student Survey was substantially revised in 2017. These are the first major changes to the survey since its establishment in 2005. The main changes were:

  • Inclusion of 9 new questions on student engagement
  • Amendment of questions on learning resources and on assessment and feedback
  • Removal of largely duplicative questions
  • Transfer of personal development questions to optional banks.

An additional 18 institutions are included this year, taking the number of institutions offering business and management to 151. The Chartered ABS spreadsheet has a filter so that you are able to sort according to whichever question you wish. As a brief summary the results for business & management show:

  • Teaching is considered to be good in business schools with staff seen as particularly good at explaining things;
  • Learning resources were highly rated with IT and library facilities seen as supporting learning well;
  • The area of ‘learning opportunities’ also scored highly with students feeling their course has provided opportunities to bring information and ideas from different topics;
  • In line with other subject areas and last years’ results, feedback on assessments received comparatively lower scores;
  • Similarly, the area of ‘student voice’ scored relatively poorly. Although students agreed that they were given opportunities to provide course feedback they were more equivocal as to what extent this feedback is valued and unclear as to how it is acted upon.
Download spreadsheet here