New update from Bloomberg

Following our previous communications with Bloomberg we have been issued with an update from them, published in full below.

“I just wanted to reach out as there has been a couple of changes regarding the Bloomberg offering for universities during this time.

  1. 3+ terminal Universities have free BMC web access until December 31st
  2. Universities can convert any number of their terminals into Bloomberg Anywhere including free terminals.
  3. Universities can sign up to the disaster recovery solution, this makes their open Bloomberg terminals accessible by students remotely. This solution is charged at $35 per month per terminal on billable OPEN terminals and free for free terminals. Terminals accessible via DR have to be OPEN, BBA terminals are not included in the DR pool and if your billable terminals are BBA they will not be charged the $35 fee as its only charged on open terminals, as they're the only terminals usable under DR. DR will now be using a pooling system, which means students will be assigned any free available terminal when they log in. A document outlining the new DR workflow that universities will be using from Sept 2nd can be found here..

To be clear free trials will no longer be available to universities, only the above 3 solutions are possible.”

You can read the previous response from Bloomberg here. If you have any questions please get in touch with Anne at