Open call for Chartered ABS Scholarships

Please note: This call for submissions is now closed. We will put out a new alert as and when submissions reopen in future. If you have any questions please contact our Research Manager, Ramin Bokaian.

The Chartered ABS is looking to commission a number of Scholarships per year to support either applied research or a substantial project which is of direct relevance and benefit to the work of the Chartered ABS and supports the aims of the membership.

Recipients will be known as 'Chartered ABS Scholars' for the duration of their scholarship.

We welcome all applications on topics of relevance to the UK’s business schools. As a suggestion, here are a few research areas that Chartered ABS is interested in pursuing although this should not limit applications for other topics:

  1. The role of business schools in driving regional growth: a comparison between the UK, US, Germany, and Australia. A research project on this topic could build on the last Chartered ABS taskforce report on delivering value, or could be a comparative analysis of best practice in other international regions.
  1. Diversity in the workplace. What is the best way to make it happen and does the business school curriculum have an effective role to play?
  1. Interdisciplinarity: can it become mainstream?



Scholarships are for any amount up to £10,000. Recipients will be expected to enter in to an agreement on the conditions of the funding.

The Chartered ABS office may be able to lend limited support to Scholars, where appropriate.


Criteria and eligibility

Post-holders must be employed by a Full UK or International member business school of the Chartered ABS.

Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria:

  • Alignment with Chartered ABS priorities
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Likely impact of the project or research on the work of the Chartered ABS, and the likely benefits for its members.

Please note Chartered ABS committees are not eligible to make applications. This does not exclude committee members from making applications outside of their committee work.



Scholars are expected to deliver a written report and/or research findings, which will be of sufficient quality to be published on the Chartered ABS website. The Chartered ABS will have final editorial say over the publication but will not be able to change any of the substance of the report.

Where appropriate, findings and reports will be delivered in person at a Chartered ABS event.



Applicants seeking funding for a piece of applied research should download and complete this application form.

Applicants seeking funding for a more substantial project download and complete this application form.

These forms request the following information:

  1. In the case of research, an outline of the intended project, including its working title, the research question(s), brief background and an overview of previous research, methodology, intended outputs and their uses, and whether or not the proposal is being considered for funding by any other body.
  2. In the case of substantial non-research work, an outline of the project, details of the relevance to the work of the Chartered ABS, and the intended outcomes.
  3. An executive summary of no more than 300 words.

The following supporting documentation is also required:

  1. Full curriculum vitae

Applicants should submit the application form, along with the additional documentation, using the email provided on the form to the Chartered ABS Research Manager, Ramin Bokaian.



All applications will be scrutinised by the Chartered ABS Membership and Awards Committee, a sub-committee of the Council. This committee will take their recommendations to a full meeting of the Council for approval. Applicants may be called for interview by the Committee where this is felt desirable. The Council’s decision is final.



Submissions must be received by 20 July 2018, with the intention that a decision will be made by 31 July. Awards will be for a one-year duration.

If you have any queries please contact Chartered ABS's Research Manager Ramin Bokaian at


Supporting Documentation

A PDF of this call for applicants, including applicant criteria

Applied Research application form

Substantial Project application form