Open call for Nominations for Chartered ABS Fellows

The Chartered ABS would like to recognise senior academic and industrial leaders who have made and continue to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the Chartered ABS mission. Academic Fellows will be awarded in recognition of exceptional service to Chartered ABS and/or the membership. Industrial Fellows will will be awarded to recognise exceptional service and achievement in the world of business and organisational practice across the private, public and charitable sectors. Regardless of the route, they will all be known as 'Chartered ABS Fellows'.

For Academic Fellows, the award and recognition will be for the Fellow’s lifetime. For Industrial Fellows, the award will be active for three years, renewable on a three-year rolling basis.

In both cases we are asking for nominations, not self-applications.


Criteria and eligibility

The award of Chartered ABS Fellow will be based on the nominee’s commitment to help Chartered ABS fulfil its mission. Academic Fellows must be employed by, or retired from, a member organisation of the Chartered ABS. Industrial Fellows must be able to demonstrate previous work with Chartered ABS, particularly in relation to advocacy and external impact.

Nominations will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • Academic or Professional standing of the individual;
  • Evidence of contribution to the mission of Chartered ABS;
  • A plan of how the Fellow would engage with Chartered ABS to contribute ambassadorial and advocacy activities to the benefit of Chartered ABS’ mission.

More information on the mission of Chartered ABS can be found here.



Nominations should be made by completing this application form and emailing it, along with the additional documentation, to the Chief Executive of the Chartered ABS, Anne Kiem.

The form requests the following information:

  1. A statement outlining what the nominee has already done and how they might contribute to the future work of Chartered ABS through ambassadorial, advocacy or impact related activity.
  2. A brief biography or a link to it from a public source.

Nominations should also supply the following documentation:

  1. Brief letters of support from at least one other employee at a Chartered ABS member school, including contact details so we are able to follow up with any questions.



All nominations will be evaluated by the Chartered ABS Membership and Awards Committee, a sub-committee of the Council. This committee will take their recommendations to a full meeting of the Council for approval. Nominees may be called for interview by the sub-committee where this is felt desirable. The Council’s decision is final.



Submissions must be received by 31 August 2018, with the intention that an announcement of recipients will be made at the Annual Conference in November.


Supporting Documentation

PDF of this call for nominations and criteria

Application form