Opportunities to contribute to Daily Telegraph for ABS members

The Association of Business Schools has secured its members a 30% discount to contribute to a Daily Telegraph and CityAM supplement series in 2015.

The supplements will provide business schools with the opportunity to showcase their specialist knowledge of various industries and offers a platform for ongoing academic research. Throughout 2015, the “Performance Through People” supplement series will look at redressing the way businesses view the HR role within organisations through a series of topics. The series will reach senior managers, key decision makers and ambitious talent in all business sectors.

The discount has been made for ABS members to contribute to two features on Innovation & Leadership and Women in Business.

Innovation & Leadership – 8th March 2015:

Innovation is the life blood of new and growing businesses. Governments, universities and firms together spend around $1.4trillion a year on R&D, more than ever before. Many more brains are at work now than were 100 years ago.

How does a business leader create a high performance organisation? Vision can take an organisation only so far – what matters most is how the ideas are put into practice. The feature will focus on how important training, skills and qualifications are for an employee who is going through the different levels of leadership.  It will look at a broad range of different qualifications and training courses specifically designed to make great leaders and how vital they are in shaping a great leader.

Women in Business – 12th July 2015:
With so many sectors facing up to talent shortages, this report will highlight how the business schools are helping women reach and maintain their career goals.  The edition will also have a detailed look into how business schools can assist companies on their action plan to attract, promote and support women in business. 

If you are interested aligning yourself as a thought leader within the campaign then please contact Fiona Sneller on 0208 349 6463 or f.sneller@lyonsdown.co.uk to register your interest.