Parliament calls for COVID-19 experts

In the coming weeks, Parliament will be looking for expert insights into many topics relating to COVID-19 and its impacts. As such, they have put out a general call for experts with relevant expertise to join their database so that they can be called upon quickly should the need arise.

Over the past few weeks, Parliament has seen a surge in need for access to research expertise to help them engage with the COVID-19 outbreak. In this rapidly evolving situation, Parliament needs quick access to researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both Coronavirus and the wider situation, and the new COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database is designed to facilitate and speed up this process. Parliament and Parliamentarians will use these insights to help carry out their functions effectively, including scrutinising the Government, debating important and pressing issues and passing legislation.

If you have any expertise relating to COVID-19 or its impacts, and if you would be prepared to provide expert insights to Parliament (for example, providing insights to contribute to a Library briefing, briefing a Member of Parliament, helping respond to an enquiry), your signing up to the database would be welcomed, as would your sharing this database with your netoworks. Expertise is being sought in a number of fields relating to business and management, including consumer behaviour, leisure and tourism, and manufacturing and supply chains.

This initiative is facilitated by Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit. Queries should be directed to the contacts whose details are outlined on the form.

Sign up to Parliament's COVID-19 expertise database here