Perspectives On: Dynamic Conversations

‘Perspectives On: A Dynamic Conversation’ is a special edition collection of ‘Perspectives On’. It provides a framework to support topical debate on contemporary issues in learning and teaching. Each issue will collate varied opinions in a curated format and pose thought provoking questions for wider discussion at an associated panel event that will take place after the release of the special edition.

Submissions are now open for the next Perspectives On: Dynamics Conversation, on the topic of DATA LITERACY.

The Government’s Digital Strategy, published in June 2022, states that over 80 per cent of all jobs advertised in the UK now require digital skills. Numerous other industry insight reports indicate that we are facing a growing critical data literacy skills gap. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are on the brink of a ‘Reskilling Revolution’.

The new kinds of jobs emerging in the global economy will require a different set of skills to work more intimately with intelligent machines, data, and algorithms. Research from the Data Literacy Project and Qlik found that employers often look for – or even prefer – practical data skills over formal academic qualifications. We know that students typically dislike the quantitative aspects of business programmes, often rooted in low confidence associated with prior learning experiences with maths. This edition of Dynamic Conversations will attempt to answer the questions:

  • Should business schools be rising to the challenge of leading the way in closing the data literacy gap?
  • Is data literacy an ambition for the few or an essential competence for all business graduates?
  • Our students are often referred to as digital natives but does that equate to data literacy?
  • How can we inspire students to confidently engage with and become masters of data?
  • Should all business educators learn data science?

For further context on this call for submissions, please watch the video below, provided with thanks by Dr Christina J Phillips of Liverpool Business School.

If you or any of your colleagues are interested in this topic please, consider submitting an article for Dynamic Conversations. Articles can be made using a variety of formats and are intended to be concise, relevant to the topic of conversation and pose a question or opinion for debate. The last Dynamic Conversation on the theme of learning communities generated a lot of interest and can be accessed here.

The deadline for submissions for the third edition of Perspectives On: Dynamic Conversations is Thursday 13 October - you can make your submission using the form below.

Further themes for the Dynamic Conversations will be released within forthcoming Chartered ABS Newsletters. If you have a suggestion for a future theme, please contact the Editorial Board at


Editorial Board:

CHAIR Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England (UWE).

Professor Gillian Armstrong, Director of Business Engagement, Ulster University Business School.

Professor Monika Foster, Head of Sunderland Business School, University of Sunderland.

Professor Helen Williams, Professor in Organisational Psychology, Cardiff Business School.

Dynamic Conversations take place twice a year in September-October and March-April. A conversation will be launched in the Chartered ABS community with an invitation to submit an opinion piece. The submission window will be open for a month with an indication of the date for the concluding panel conversation.

The Dynamic Conversation enables you to be part of a reflexive dialogic action research approach to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. It supports authentic conversations which are reflexive and ontological permission for agency, voice and dialogue of educational practitioners in Business Schools. If you have a thought-provoking question or opinion on a Dynamic Conversation topic we would encourage you to submit your contribution.

A Dynamic Conversation submission needs to be concise, relevant to the topic of conversation and pose a question or opinion for debate.  A breadth of contributions are encouraged ranging from fully formed opinions resulting from completed research to nuggets of an idea or a dilemma that contributors are grappling with.  Submissions can be made in a variety of formats (text, video, podcasts etc) via the submission portal.

For more detail of the ‘Perspectives On: A Dynamic Conversation’ collection including the submission guidelines click here.

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    2. What is the justification or rationale for this opinion?
    3. What is the key question for debate?

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