Professional Development

Whether your focus is on teaching, research, business engagement, executive education, or the leadership of business schools, the Charted ABS provides opportunities that will help you develop strategy, gain confidence, build strong networks with colleagues from different institutions, and share excellent practices to enhance your personal effectiveness and the reputation of your business school.

Our Development Programmes are co-designed with expert colleagues and participants. We aim to build capacity in the business school community to encourage knowledge sharing and insights and to support you professionally and personally in your busy schedule. UK business schools are working in a more competitive global environment with major disruptions in business models, funding, technology, and demands for life-long learning and innovation for growth.

We will optimise your time to reflect on your business school’s strategy through stimulating dialogue with peers and collaborate with expert facilitators about your experiences. We draw on our latest reports, data analysis, so that you return to work confident and re-energised with practical action plans, useful tools and invaluable contacts.

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Leaders in Learning and Teaching Programme - Starts September 2017

  • Gain insights into improving NSS scores
  • Share, compare, and develop best practice with peers
  • Build a supportive network of colleagues involved in the leadership of learning and teaching in business schools
  • Reflect on expert input into important facets of learning, teaching, and assessment
  • Take time to reflect on your future career and personal development goals.

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Directors of Research Development Programme (in partnership with BAM) - Starts November 2017

  • Receive mentoring with a BAM Fellow
  • Access great opportunities for collaboration and discussion
  • Gain confidence in dealing with the REF process from strategy, through implementation to the presentation of results

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Deans and Directors’ Development Programme - Starts February 2018

  • Reflect on the practical challenges of being a dean
  • Gain exposure to the thinking of senior university managers, executive search firms and other key stakeholders
  • Ask unaskable questions and discuss difficult dilemmas in a safe and supportive environment.

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UK Bridge Programme (in partnership with AACSB) - Starts June 2017

  • Equips senior level business executives to teach in business schools
  • Learn how to create an engaging and motivating learning environment
  • Understand how to plan, organise and deliver quality programmes
  • Develop effective class management techniques
  • Network within the business school community

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