Professional Managers’ Committee meeting – May update

The Professional Managers Committee met on Friday 26th May for their penultimate meeting of the year. We were fortunate to have Professor Simon Collinson who is the Chair of the Chartered ABS also attend this meeting.

Typology questionnaire - the completion rates for this survey were discussed - Professor Collinson, who is one of the two people conducting the research, explained that the purpose of the questionnaire was to cover strategic, governance and structural elements. It was agreed that the next phase was for the Committee to consider whether there was a need or desire for a further survey focused on specifically professional manager elements and it was agreed to include a session on “what business schools look like” at the PMAC Conference in December.

Publicising blogs - it was agreed that amongst the Committee members publicising blogs was to be strongly encouraged.

Vice-chair - the position of Vice-Chair was discussed as the Committee was currently operating without a Vice Chair as the current Chair used to hold the position of Vice Chair. It was agreed that all members of the Committee would continue to support the Chair and the Vice Chair role would be reviewed in December when many of the newer members of the Committee would have been in post for a year.

PMAC keynote speakers – a number of speakers were discussed around the table, and it was agreed that Oliver would contact members of the Professional Managers Committee on taking forward some of the suggested names and topics in due course.

Updating terms of reference and action plan – there were some minor tweaks to the existing document. In addition, the key projects for the Committee would be discussed between Phillipa Towlson (Chair) and Anne Kiem (Chartered ABS).

Call for committee membership – it was agreed that the Chair would discuss with Anne (CABS) putting a call out for new members – (post meeting note) this had been actioned and a note had been sent to all Deans/Directors/Heads of Business Schools.

PMAC Conference11-12 December, The Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool - don’t forget to encourage colleagues to sign up!

The next Committee is scheduled for Friday 14th July.