A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events

BAM and the Chartered ABS are committed to promoting equality, diversity, inclusion and respect as core values and as part of our independent strategies.

Professor Martyna Sliwa, BAM Vice Chair for EDI, has worked with Dr Scott Taylor, Professor Melissa Tyler, and Dr Shalini Vohra, to produce a guide to support our communities in improving inclusion and sustainability.

All Welcome draws on examples of best practice from across the higher education sector and beyond, to support members and associates who are involved in organising, hosting and participating in events. These can be meetings, workshops, or conferences, either online or in person.

The guide builds on work done by other professional associations and in specific schools, especially Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK. We hope it is useful, and welcome feedback. We also hope that this will be the first iteration of a guide that develops in the future, as practice and research progress.

You can view the guide here.


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