Chartered ABS Taskforce report: Business schools and the public good

The Chartered ABS Taskforce report, 'Business Schools and the Public Good' is the result of a taskforce established to consider how business schools understand and deliver ‘public good’, and aimed to map approaches to public good in UK business schools; suggest ways to support the spread of promising practices; and expand the public narrative on the purpose of business schools. The taskforce was co-chaired by Tom Levitt, an author on business sustainability, and Professor Martin Kitchener from Cardiff Business School, and consisted of members from academic, industry and policy backgrounds.

The Taskforce reviewed how business schools deliver public good through teaching, research, internal operations, and the ways in which they engage with the world around them. The methodology consisted of a literature review, a survey, and a deeper exploration of promising practices through fieldwork comprising interviews and documentary analysis. The report presents 20 case studies of promising practices across a diverse range of Chartered ABS members covering the four main activity areas of business schools.

The Taskforce found that most UK business schools have different interpretations of public good, but most Deans feel that public good is both important to their schools, and that it is considered more important now than it was three years ago.

The Taskforce revealed the emergence of a purposeful leadership approach based on inculcating in colleagues a higher and clearer sense of their contribution to what the school does and why. The report recommends that business schools adopt a purpose statement that articulates a clear sense of public good similar to those increasingly used by businesses within their public good strategies.

You can read the full report here.