Developing a more enterprising and innovative economy through the Edinburgh Napier and Fife Economy partnership

Institution: Edinburgh Napier University

Business School Lead: Maggie Anderson and Pamela Stevenson

Visitors in Craiglockhart Foyer, Undergraduate Open Day 2009

Edinburgh Napier University has developed an innovative growth accelerator programme in response to the Fife Economic Strategy 2013-2023 which aspires to ‘develop a more enterprising and innovative economy’. The aim of the programme is to work closely with participants from SMEs in Fife to encourage an acceleration in the growth of their businesses to empower the entrepreneurs to drive economic growth and investment, enabling job creation and generating greater product and process efficiency.

The programme is designed and delivered by Edinburgh Napier working in partnership with the Fife Economy Partnership. The team blends academic experts and practitioners with extensive practical expertise working with and understanding the needs of small businesses and their leaders.

This flexible Entrepreneurial Leadership programme inspires business growth, encouraging and facilitating business networking and collaboration as well as greater access and signposting to the key economic agencies and initiatives available to the SMEs in Fife. It consists of:

  • Residential Induction
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Managing Innovation
  • Growth in Entrepreneurship
  • Dissemination Day

Key to the success of the programme and as a means to measure the impacts and outcomes is the accelerator project. Each participant identifies aim and objectives, milestones and anticipated outcomes required to grow their business, and create real impacts for the Fife economy. The participants who complete the course are awarded an Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Edinburgh Napier University, which provides a stepping stone for those who may wish to consider further study.

"Working with Edinburgh Napier University on this pilot, has been very encouraging. Supporting the Fife business leaders is an integral element to drive resilience and growth within our SME community. The Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme, allows the business leaders to focus on themselves as leaders and on their businesses. This ensures they can enhance their capabilities, becoming more effective as a business leader and create opportunities for growth in their businesses. “

Contacts: Maggie Anderson, Lecturer; Pamela Stevenson, Lead Officer Enterprise and Business Development Economic Development Team, Fife Council: