Perspectives On: Dual Degrees

Author: Dr Anders Wappling, Programme Leader Study Abroad, International Partnership Development Manager, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

This thought piece explores the function of international dual degrees within a business school’s programmes, a qualification format under which a student will study for two degrees, first at their home institution and then later by undertaking additional semesters at an international partner institution. The paper is informed by the author’s experience as an International Partnership Development Manager for a UK business school, dealing with partner institutions, staff and students on a daily basis, and serves as a brief guide for academics and administrators with dual degree responsibilities within a business school context. The piece makes the case that successfully implemented dual degrees can enhance students’ career prospects and represent an opportunity for institutions to leverage valuable relationships with partner institutions. It also highlights the administrative challenges resulting from the bilateral and non-standard nature of dual degrees and proposes mitigating measures.