Ethics Guide 2015: Advice and Guidance


Ethics Guide 2015

Business and management studies are a central component of the learning, teaching, research, enterprise and administrative work of universities in the United Kingdom. This work contributes to the development of hundreds of thousands of students each year as well as to the activities of companies and other organisations.

This Guide is intended to provide advice and guidance about the ethical questions and issues that need to be taken into account when considering a range of learning, teaching, research and enterprise issues. It is addressed to all members of the business school community – students, educators, researchers, managers and external clients. For professionals in the field, it sets out the standards that one should aspire to enact. For other stakeholders, it sets out a framework of expectations of ethical practice that should be expected of institutions and individuals. 

Please note, most UK universities have ethical codes of practice and ethical review committees which review ethical issues and make recommendations about research and related matters.  We do not see this Guide as a substitute for these university procedures. Members of the business school community should familiarise themselves with their institutional guidelines.