National Student Survey 2023: Results for Business & Management Studies


The Chartered ABS presents our report on the results of the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS) for the Business and Management subject area. In total, 172 Higher Education providers participated in the NSS in the Business and Management subject area in 2023, up from 168 the previous year. This year a total of 47,076 responses were received in Business and Management, with a response rate of 70.9%, which is lower than the average response rate across all subjects of 72.6%. The Chartered ABS has compiled a list of participating institutions for Business and Management and their scores for each question into a spreadsheet which can be filtered by mission group or provider region. As with previous editions, our analysis looks at first degree graduates only.  

Alongside this, we have a comparison between the average scores for Business and Management and the average across all subjects for each question, and a breakdown of average scores for each question at the detailed subject level (CAH level 3). In this edition, we have shaded cells in the spreadsheet on provider performance according to their percentage point difference from the benchmark as calculated by the OfS. Benchmark calculations are different for each provider for each question and are calculated based on various characteristics of courses and students at the provider. More information on how OfS calculated the benchmarks can be found here.  


View the spreadsheet here


Changes to the 2023 NSS   

The 2023 edition of the NSS underwent significant changes following a consultation with the Higher Education community. The changes include, among other things, the removal of the question on overall satisfaction for HEIs in England, a new approach to benchmarking calculations, and a rephrasing of the questions in order to facilitate the introduction of a positivity measure to replace the previously-used agreement rate. Details of the consultation and resulting changes can be found here.  

The revised questionnaire comprises 25 questions across 7 themes, with an additional question on the communication of mental wellbeing support service provision at the institution, a question on perceived freedom of expression (England only), and a question on overall satisfaction (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales only). The themes are largely unchanged from previous years, with the only difference being the omission in the new edition of the ‘learning community’ theme.  


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