Research Income for Business and Management, 2017 report

Author: Chartered Association of Business Schools

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This annual report provides analysis of research income in the field of Business and Management. This year’s report looks at the six-year period from 2010/11 to 2015/16, using data from HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency).

Highlights contained in this report

  1. Overall income for Business and Management research is declining year on year, primarily due to a decline in funding from UK sources. This is accentuated by a real term decrease of 19%.
  1. Income from international sources have grown overall for the period but funding from the EU decreased in 2015/16. Non-EU sources are a small but growing area of research income.
  1. Whilst STEM subjects received between 15-30% more funding in 2015/16 than in 2010/11, Business and Management received 8% less. There are, however, opportunities for these disciplines to collaborate to support the government’s objectives for R&D funding and national productivity.
  1. London and the South East regions have the largest share income but also have the largest number of business schools. Yorkshire and Humberside has shown the most consistent growth.
  1. Research income continues to be concentrated in Russell Group institutions and business schools not affiliated to any mission group.