Research Income for Business and Management 2019

This is the latest iteration of our annual report which breaks down the data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) on the funding for Business and Management research in the UK.

The report shows that funding for Business and Management has increased to £72.5m in the last year, representing a 12% increase since 2012/13. However, when adjusted for inflation, this actually represents a 1% fall in funding over this period.

The report also finds that the overall annual increase in funding came from several sources, including the research councils, UK central government and UK industry. However, the contributions from the research councils and UK central government in 2017/18 were below the levels seen in the previous decade prior to government spending cuts, whereas funding from EU government bodies has risen from 18% of total funding in 2012/13 to 22% in 2017/18. In four of the last six years, Business and Management received more funding from EU government bodies than UK central government, making the sector increasingly reliant on funding sources from outside the UK.

The report also analyses how funding compares across regions, mission groups and schools, and features impact case studies from institutions which presented at the Chartered ABS 2019 Research Exhibition in Edinburgh.

Read and download the report here.