The changing shape of business education provision

The changing shape of business education provision analyses a range of non-traditional business education providers, and explores how a range of external influences may disrupt and impact the sector in the next decade.

Our research shows that the pace of change in the sector has markedly increased on what we have seen in the past. Technological disruption, the entry of non-traditional providers into the market, and changes both from within and outside of higher education on the international stage have created a landscape that is increasingly difficult to predict and to prepare for.

Our report assesses the shifts to non-traditional forms of education, changes in the market for international students, and the potential impact of automation and similar technologies on the jobs market and how this may affect demands on business and management courses. We also survey how UK business schools are preparing for the changes, and the influence of Further Education, online, and corporate providers of education among others.

You can download the full report here.

We are grateful to our partner CarringtonCrisp for their work with us in producing this report.