The Bridge: Views from Business Professionals Crossing the Bridge to Academia

Bridge Class of 2015

This publication provides 15 perspectives on making the transition from business to academia. The authors reflect on their experiences and lessons learnt in making the move from senior executive positions to working in and teaching in a business school.

The authors are the ‘graduates’ of the UK Bridge Programme – a one-week intensive programme run by AACSB and the Chartered ABS to support professionals with a business executive to teach in business schools. The cohort held senior posts in globally recognised banks, accountancies, consultancies and other large firms. In this book they also offer their reflections on the programme and how it has helped to support them to teach business and management education.

The UK Bridge Programme helps participants to:

  • Prepare for the practical reality of teaching, including technology, classroom management and quality assurance
  • Create an engaging and motivating learning environment
  • Develop effective class management techniques
  • Improve teaching skills to inspire and mentor today’s students
  • Network within the business school community
  • Understand how to plan, organise and deliver quality programmes

The programme draws on the expertise of a wide variety of visiting speakers, including professional educators, academics (who themselves have crossed the bridge from business), and experts in specific key aspects of teaching, such as quality, delivery, and assessment. All participants who complete the programme join an alumni of senior executives from Ernst & Young, BP, Coca-Cola and other companies who now teach the next generation of business leaders throughout the world.

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