UKRI consultation on the Future of Research Assessment: provide your views to the Chartered ABS

The four UK higher education funding bodies have opened a consultation on the future UK-wide research assessment system. The consultation is part of the Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP) and its outcomes will contribute to the broad evidence base being compiled by the funding bodies, including a range of evaluations of the current Research Excellence Framework (REF).

The consultation includes a range of questions on the purposes of future research assessment exercises, the high-level principles that should underpin their development, and future assessment criteria and processes. The consultation also seeks views on how the funding bodies might ensure that bureaucracy is proportionate in future exercises. The Chartered ABS will submit a response to this consultation based on the collective views of our members and we would like to hear from a wide range of interested stakeholders.

If you would like to offer your views on the future of research assessment in the UK please complete our survey by 12pm on Monday 28 March (our survey replicates the questions in the UKRI survey). To open the survey click here. If you would like to view the questions before answering them please see this document. The consultation page on the UKRI website can be viewed here.

Your help in responding to this consultation is much appreciated. If you have any queries about our response please contact Ramin Bokaian (