Our formal responses to government consultations, and those issued by other bodies, are archived below.

Chartered ABS evidence and response to the draft guidelines for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

We respond to the published draft assessment criteria and guidelines for making submissions to Ref 2021

APPG inquiry into international students – Chartered ABS evidence and response

We present the case for a competitive and accessible post-study visa regime for international students.

Consultation on TEF at subject-level: response from Chartered ABS

This Department for Education (DfE) consultation was used to gather views from relevant stakeholders on how TEF at subject-level could be introduced in a manner that is both…

Response to HM Treasury’s, “Financing growth in innovative firms”

In November 2016 the Prime Minister announced that HM Treasury would lead a review designed to strengthen growing innovative firms within the UK. The review explores long-term…

Response to Skills Commission Apprenticeships & Social Mobility Inquiry

On the 23rd of August, Chartered ABS carried out a survey measuring how reforms to the apprenticeship system are affecting social mobility amongst disadvantaged young people. This…

Response to HM Government Green Paper “Building our Industrial Strategy”

Our response to the Governments Green Paper "Building our Industrial Strategy".

Response to the NewDLHE consultation

Our response to HEFCE's consultation on the NewDLHE

Response to second Research Excellence Framework Consultation

Read our full response to the second Research Excellence Framework consultation.

Draft strategic guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships: Chartered ABS response

Our response to the Governement's Draft strategic guidance for Institute for Apprenticeships consultation.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey consultation: Chartered ABS response

Our response to HESA's consultation on changes to the DLHE survey

Funding to support teaching in Higher Education Consultation: Chartered ABS response

Chartered ABS response to the consultation on teaching funding to support widening access and successful student outcomes.

Response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation. We recorded the support of members in…

Response to Lord Stern’s Review of the Research Excellence Framework

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to Lord Stern's review of the Research Excellence Framework. In our view the Stern Review needs to…

Response to the Higher Education Green Paper

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to BIS as part of the consultation process on the Government's Higher Education Green Paper -…