Perspectives On Learning & Teaching

The ‘Perspectives On’ series has been developed as an online resource to promote dissemination and discussion of contemporary learning, teaching and student experience issues in the business school sector. The rationale is to provide an online resource which academics can access to find an informal overview of and informed discussion pertaining to a topical issue affecting learning and teaching at an international, national, university, faculty, department or module level. Although not ‘research’ papers, ‘Perspectives On’ submissions are independently reviewed by an editorial team. If you would like to submit a paper, please view our author guidelines. Views are the authors’ own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Chartered ABS.

Perspectives On: A Case for Peer-Assisted Learning

Evolving into cosmopolitan learning communities has, in recent years, become a norm across business schools, challenging them to innovate, anticipate, and cater for the…

Perspectives On: Intellectual Challenge in Business Schools

What does "intellectual challenge" mean in modern HE, and how can business pedagogy legitimise it?

Perspectives On: Authentic learning with large student groups

How business schools can teach undergraduates employability skills using the 'authentic learning' pedagogical approach.

Perspectives On: Dual Degrees

Dr Anders Wappling, Newcastle Business School examines the challenges and opportunities of dual degrees for business schools.

Perspectives On: Sessional Staff

How can business schools support sessional staff to realise their full potential and, in turn, improve the student experience?

Perspectives On: International Student Mobility

Dr Monika Foster explores the benefits of international student mobility on the overall student experience.

Perspectives On: Employability

Is it time to move the employability debate on?

Perspectives On: Anonymous Marking – For or Against?

This instalment provides a series of brief ‘perspectives’ on challenging learning and teaching issues authored by members of the Association of Business Schools' Learning,…