Response to HM Treasury’s, “Financing growth in innovative firms”

In November 2016 the Prime Minister announced that HM Treasury would lead a review designed to strengthen growing innovative firms within the UK. The review explores long-term ‘patient’ finance as a means to enable firms to scale up. The Chartered ABS has submitted a response exploring if a…

Pathways to Success: Strategic groups of UK business schools

Our analysis of business schools across the UK.

National Student Survey 2017: Business and administrative studies results

Our analysis of the results of the 2017 National Student Survey.

Perspectives On: Sessional Staff

How can business schools support sessional staff to realise their full potential and, in turn, improve the student experience?

Response to HM Government Green Paper “Building our Industrial Strategy”

Our response to the Governments Green Paper "Building our Industrial Strategy".

Response to the NewDLHE consultation

Our response to HEFCE's consultation on the NewDLHE

Research Income for Business and Management, 2017 report

Our annual report on research income for UK Business & Management

Response to second Research Excellence Framework Consultation

Read our full response to the second Research Excellence Framework consultation.

Draft strategic guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships: Chartered ABS response

Our response to the Governement's Draft strategic guidance for Institute for Apprenticeships consultation.

How business school graduates fare after graduation

Our report, based on DfE and HESA data, on how Business and Administrative studies students fare after graduation draws promising conclusions in regards to their employment prospects.

Annual Membership Survey 2016

Annual snapshot of the trends and challenges in UK business schools

Perspectives On: International Student Mobility

Dr Monika Foster explores the benefits of international student mobility on the overall student experience.

Business schools: delivering value to local and regional economies

How business schools contribute to local and regional growth and productivity

National Student Survey 2016: Results for business and administrative studies

NSS results for 2016 showed that courses in business and administrative studies are highly regarded by the student body.

Funding to support teaching in Higher Education Consultation: Chartered ABS response

Chartered ABS response to the consultation on teaching funding to support widening access and successful student outcomes.

Research Income for Business and Management: 2010-2014

This report provides analysis of research income in the field of Business and Management for the years 2010/11 to 2013/14. The report tracks funding from a variety of sources and compares income with other subject areas, in particular STEM. In the field of Business and Management there is analysis…

UK business schools and international student recruitment

The Government’s current student visa policy is having detrimental effects on universities and the economy. This report focuses on recruitment trends of international students to the most popular course at university – business studies. International students studying business contribute £2.4…

Reflections on the role of the business school dean

This report provides insights into the motivations, expectations, and challenges of university-based business school deans.

Annual Membership Survey 2015

Chartered ABS Annual Membership Survey 2015 This report provides an annual snapshot and insights into some of the key challenges and trends in the UK business school sector.

Growing Your Small Business report

Growing Your Small Business A report published with the Chartered Management Institute which looks at how SMEs can work with business schools and professional bodies to improve their management capabilities in order to increase survival rates.

National Student Survey 2015: Table of results

The Chartered ABS provides a spreadsheet which ranks the survey results of students studying business and management at 130 institutions.

Ethics Guide 2015: Advice and Guidance

This Guide offers a practical framework to help individuals in business schools make informed and transparent decisions and communicate ethical choices to others.

Perspectives On: Employability

Is it time to move the employability debate on?

The Impact of Business School Research: Economic and Social Benefits

We showcase some of the very best examples of “impact” coming from business schools across the UK in this publication.

Building the Leadership Capacity of UK Business Schools: A collection of thought pieces

This series of thought pieces observes the challenges and trends of leadership in business schools through contributions generated from our second annual ‘business school leadership pipeline’ workshop in October 2014.

Manifesto for Growth 2014

In September 2014, the association outlined its key pledges for the incoming government of the next general election in areas concerning STEMM, business education funding and international students.

21st Century Leaders: Building Practice into the Curriculum to Boost Employability

This joint report with the Chartered Management Institute and Quality Assurance Agency highlights the gap in the collaboration between employers and business schools. It suggests employers are looking for well-equipped graduates and business schools should do more to provide practical work…

Perspectives On: Anonymous Marking – For or Against?

This instalment provides a series of brief ‘perspectives’ on challenging learning and teaching issues authored by members of the Association of Business Schools' Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee.

Innovation Task Force Report: “The Role of UK Business Schools in Driving Innovation in the Domestic Economy”

This report identifies opportunities for practical action to increase the impact of British business schools on innovation and growth in the United Kingdom economy. It provides specific guidance for business schools and universities, for faculty and students, and for the government.

Policy Network Brochure 2013: Is it possible to Balance Student Demands with Business Needs?

This publication, which emerged from the 2013 ABS Policy Network meetings discusses current business and management education policy matters besides latest government opinion on business schools.

ABS Ethics Guide 2012

Introduction Business and management studies are a central component of the learning, teaching, research, enterprise and administrative work of nearly all universities in the United Kingdom. This work contributes to the development of hundreds of thousands of students each year as well as to the…

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2010

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2010

Pillars and Annual Report 2010/11

This edition of the Pillars report focuses on sustainable economy and provides an account of the organisations’ finance for the year ending 2010

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2009

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2009

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2008

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2008

Pillars and Annual Report 2007/08

This edition of the Pillars report focuses on sustainable economy and provides an account of the organisations’ finance for the year ending 2007.

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2007

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2007

Professional Development

Tool for professional development reviews and staff development

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The Chartered ABS Professional Managers’ Committee has produced this Professional Development Matrix, which shows the range of competencies and skills required to be an effective professional and administrative manager. The matrix has been created to support…