Request for a lead HEI to support an application we are planning to make for RED funding

An idea has been shared with us that we would like to explore with any interested schools. We have often talked about the need for greater interdisciplinary work, especially between Business and Management and STEM subjects. We would like to put together a proposal for UKRI funding that involves providing opportunities for ECRs in STEM subjects to acquire and develop B&M skills and knowledge.

We think this will help drive the impact of STEM research in terms of driving the UK economy and thus should again show the UK Government the value of business schools, building on the work schools are doing with Help to Grow.

As you will be aware, only HEIs can be awarded this funding, therefore we are looking to appoint a lead school, which will work with Chartered ABS and a consortium of business schools to develop the proposal.

In particular we are looking for a school to:

  1. Work in partnership with Chartered ABS.
  2. Lead on writing the funding application, in conjunction with Chartered ABS.
  3. Attend the in-person meeting with the RED decision panel, with others proposed by Council, should we be selected for interview.
  4. Ensure participation from as wide a group of business schools, with different characteristics as possible.
  5. Oversee the delivery of the project via a programme director with Chartered ABS.
  6. Work with Chartered ABS to appoint a delivery team.
  7. Ensure there is an evaluation of the programme.
  8. Be committed to ensuring the success and a drive to potentially continuing the programme.

Please note, this is unfortunately only open to business schools in England.

If you and your school are interested in being considered as a lead, please notify us by Wednesday 25th May via to email Anne Kiem, via your dean. Apologies for the short notice, but if we are to get this in before the change of Chair at UKRI we need to move quickly.