The added value of business & management research

Business schools can help the UK improve national prosperity at a critical juncture in our history. Through research, education, and engaged work with organisations of all types, our community already makes a positive and significant contribution to the UK economy. The Chartered ABS and BAM have collaborated to make this clear to policymakers and funders. With improved resourcing, we believe we can be an even bigger part of the solution.

Our business schools host the largest number of UK social scientists, blending rigour with relevance across disciplines. In addition to research that has helped drive innovation, employment and growth, the wide portfolio of projects includes studies focused on social impact, responsible business, ethics, workplace well-being, and non-profit and public-sector organisations.

The UK can improve its future outlook by taking concrete steps to promote socio-economic wellbeing across the whole country, and address business efficiency, growth, and productivity. Our research can support these agendas.

This page presents the case for greater investment into business and management research. You will find the joint Chartered ABS and BAM 'position paper' which sets out our rationale and a series of recommendations for implementation by both policymakers and the academic community. We also provide videos, and links to a series of impact case studies, all of which evidence the diverse contributions business school research has on business, economy and society.

Position paper

Our joint position paper provides the case for investment in business and management research. It also proposes a number of policy interventions and sector initiatives which will enhance the added value business school research can have on the UK's prosperity.

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Want to get involved?

To help us make the case for investment in business and management research you can:

i) submit a short impact case study. Email us for guidance;

Request guidance on case studies

ii) download and share the flyer containing the infographics featured on this page.

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Learn how the knowledge and expertise in business schools can boost the UK's productivity and tackle the "Grand Challenges" laid out in the Industrial Strategy.

At our inaugural Research Exhibition, business schools explain how they are working across sectors and between disciplines to make an impact at all levels of society.