External Resources on Degree Apprenticeships

The QAA have produced for us the following list of useful publications and websites to support members in the delivery of Degree Apprenticeships:

Quality Assuring Higher Education in Apprenticeships: Current Approaches
Published in May 2017, this is a crucial reference point for all those involved with apprenticeships in HE. It is under review and will be reissued in Spring 2018. It will be replaced by the Characteristics Statement later in 2018. Find out more

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education
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QAA Subscriber Community
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Using subcontractors in the delivery of apprenticeships: Policy background and examples
ESFA has published this useful guidance document, which provides policy context, clarification of key terminology and some illustrative examples around the use of subcontractors in the delivery of apprenticeships. It has been developed with input and advice from the ESFA’s Provider Reference Group. Download a copy

Apprenticeships Anthology
Launched in April 2018, Queen Mary University's first annual publication on the key reflections on the apprenticeship levy one year on and aspirations for the future. QAA submitted a section on quality and degree apprenticeships (pp. 50 –51). Available to view online

The Good Schools Guide to degree apprenticeships
A comprehensive guide to degree apprenticeships. Click here for more information.

Degree Apprenticeships: Impacts, Challenges and Future Opportunities
NCUB launched this report on 12th March 2018. Download a copy

Future Apprenticeships: Provider Toolkit
The Department for Education & Education and Training Foundation published this toolkit on April 2018. Filled with useful information and guidance with templates and flowcharts to assist with planning and developing apprenticeships to meet the new standards and their assessment plans. Download a copy

Pre-recorded webinar: Quality assessment for L4 and L5 apprenticeships with prescribed HE
The Office for Students recorded a webinar outlining the current arrangements for quality assurance of apprenticeships and our intentions for the pilot activity with Ofsted. Watch the webinar here

Developing Degree Apprenticeships – the Employer Perspective
Published by the Office for Students and AGR in June 2017. Research with employers looking at employer apprenticeships strategies, employer demand for apprenticeships (approved & in development), regional spread of demand, learning providers and modes of delivery, opportunities and challenges. Useful for informing providers of market demand and interest in apprenticeships. Download a copy

Degree Apprenticeships: Realising Opportunities
Published in March 2017, this was a follow up study to research published in March 2016 led by UUK/Office for Students. The future growth of degree apprenticeships. Reflects views of universities and their discussions with employers into opportunities and challenges of apprenticeships in HE. Download a copy