Strategic groups of UK business schools – analysis now published

Chartered ABS_Pathways To Success_2017

We are delighted to publish Pathways to Success – our analysis of the variety of structures, strategies and business models adopted by UK business schools.

The survey data, alongside public data, provides evidence of successful differentiation in the context of an increasingly competitive environment. The analysis reveals a set of distinctive groups of business schools based on how they are positioned, structured and strategically focused, and how they perform in teaching and research.

This project was designed to help Deans and Heads of Schools to develop their strategic ambitions from their own unique starting points. The findings provide a set of relative indicators using data such as school finances, staff-student ratios, REF performances, the NSS, governance structures, resourcing levels, and campus locations.

The full report can be downloaded here.

The report’s findings will be discussed in a Deans’ session, under the Chatham House rule, at the Annual Conference on 6th November. The discussion will be facilitated by Professor Simon Collinson (Chair, Chartered ABS) with a guest contribution from Professor Howard Thomas.

We are grateful to Professor Collinson and to Dr Alex Wilson (Loughborough University School of Business & Economics and Chartered ABS Research Fellow (2017)) for producing this excellent report. We also thank the schools that took part in the original survey – your time and input is invaluable.