The 2023 Chartered ABS Fellows announced

We are delighted to announce five new Fellows of the Chartered Association of Business Schools. Dr Emm Barnes, Sandra Kerr CBE, Dr Cathy Minett-Smith, James Norman, and Professor Adam Shore, have all received the award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Chartered ABS’s mission over the course of several years.

The Fellows were recognised at the Chartered ABS Annual Conference on 13 November 2023.


Dr Emm Barnes, Queen Mary University of London

Emm has made outstanding contributions to the Chartered ABS as part of the Professional Managers’ Committee, of which she was previously Chair, as well as through her role as a co-opted members of the Council.

During her tenure, Emm has helped organise numerous Chartered ABS conferences and events for our professional services community, acting as a speaker in several sessions. During the pandemic, she was heavily involved in the organisation of online Heads of Professional Services meetings. These not only helped share experiences and best practice across the sector but advanced the outreach of the Chartered ABS, leading to the development of the annual PMAC Online event.

She has championed the need for a sector wide understanding of how professional service teams work, which is evident from her contribution to the ‘Exploring Professional Services Models in UK Business Schools’ report.

Emm is the Director of Professional Services Transformation at Queen Mary University of London.


Sandra Kerr CBE, Business in the Community

Sandra has supported the Chartered ABS in its commitment to the EDI agenda.

Her work with the Cabinet Office and more recently as Race Equality Director for Business in the Community has been pivotal in encouraging the business community to make positive change toward more inclusive organisations. She has given her time generously to the Chartered ABS, speaking at multiple events, including our  workshop. Our relationship with her has helped shape our own commitment to EDI both through our designated committees and more importantly, through embedding EDI in our core strategy.

Sandra is currently the Business in the Community's Race Equality Director.


Dr Cathy Minnett-Smith, University of the West of England

Cathy has been an active and passionate contributor to the Chartered ABS for well over a decade.

As Vice Chair of the Learning Teaching and Student Experience committee, she supported the development and growth of the LTSE conference, as well as participating as a keynote speaker, presenter and reviewer.

Cathy has been the lead facilitator of the highly regarded Leaders in Learning & Teaching development programme for the past two years and prior to that was a regular contributor, advocate and mentor.

She was a member of the working group which co-designed the CMBE development team. She has hosted a series of CMBE workshops and remains a huge advocate of the scheme.

She is also on the editorial panel for ‘Perspectives On: Dynamic Conversations’ and has overseen the successful development of these opinion pieces and their adjacent panel discussions.

Her work as an informal mentor and advisor to learning and teaching staff at all levels across the sector, has been of immense value to the Chartered ABS community.

Cathy is Dean of Learning and Teaching in the College of Business and Law at the University of West of England.


James Norman, Essex Business School

James has served the Chartered ABS well in a number of capacities as a member of the Professional Managers’ Committee, of which he has held the roles of Vice Chair and Acting Chair. He was also a valued co-opted member of the Council.

He has contributed to numerous Chartered ABS events, acting as a speaker on several occasions.

His involvement in the online Heads of Professional Services meetings held during the pandemic was crucial to the development of PMAC Online: an event which has enabled the Chartered ABS to extend its support to a wider proportion of professional development staff.

James collaborated with fellow members of the Chartered ABS to publish a study into different operating models employed across the sector, contributing to and co-authoring the foreword in the subsequent ‘exploring professional services models in UK Business Schools’ report.

James is Director of Operations at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Professor Adam Shore, Liverpool John Moores University

Adam has contributed extensively to the mission of the Chartered ABS having been a longstanding member, and recently Chair, of the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee. He has overseen some highly successful and well attended LTSE conferences, including the online LTSE conference during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Adam was the very first Certified Management & Business Educator and was part of the working group that help to design the CMBE programme prior to its launch in 2019.  He has since been a member of the CMBE’s Professional Standards Board. With 1 in 20 business and management academics in UK business schools now holding the CMBE, the scheme is having a growing impact on business and management education.

Adam has given considerable time to the Chartered ABS, and we have benefitted hugely from his expertise over the years.

Adam is the Director of Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University.


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