The CMBE Community: Our Values

Below are the values which CMBE subscribers are encouraged to adopt through their practice and leadership.

Collaborative and part of a community of practice

CMBEs are encouraged to:

  • Be collaborative with peers, students, and external stakeholders (such as universities and businesses)
  • Help build, and participate in, a community of practice and share knowledge which helps to advance the development of other educators
  • Have an impact in our communities to raise the bar of knowledge and excellence across the community


CMBEs are encouraged to:

  • Hold the student at the heart of business and management education and be student-centred
  • Challenge and enable students
  • Understand the needs of students (in all their forms and contexts)

Challenging and responsive

CMBEs are encouraged to:

  • Recognise their ongoing development as a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Be self-critical and self-reflecting
  • Challenge themselves and others in the community to develop excellent practice and pedagogy
  • Be agile, adaptable, and responsive to changing circumstances and to new methods, tools and knowledge
  • Be innovative and creative

Respectful and responsible

CMBEs are encouraged to:

  • Conduct themselves with dignity, fairness, respect, and integrity
  • Champion business and management education that is free from discrimination and which promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Be supportive of the community of business and management educators and its development
  • Be considerate of the environment and mindful of sustainability