The real impact of business school research – new video highlights positive benefits for the economy and society

Business school research affects more than just the world of business.

The UK faces a time of great challenges and great potential. Issues surrounding productivity, social justice, and corporate responsibility all demand intelligent, practical responses that reach across academic disciplines, industrial sectors, and communities.

Business and management research has long been uniquely placed to tackle these issues and respond to the demands of the UK's Industrial Strategy, making the UK fairer and more prosperous.

At our Research Exhibition 2019, business school experts were able to showcase the value of this research and how their work has been tackling the UK's great societal challenges. In this video, they share their experiences of engaging with the public and the value of opening up their critical research to the world.

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The added value of business & management research

Want to find out more about how business and management research adds value to the UK? Take a look at this policy page where we break down the data and provide key resources on the work business schools are doing for the economy and society as a whole.

Impact Case Studies - examples of research impact

Our Impact Case Studies are collected from the 100+ business schools across the UK, of all shapes and sizes. Find out how their projects are shaping positive outcomes for workers, customers, patients, and communities.

Our Research Exhibition and Annual Research Conference

Our Research Exhibition takes place annually alongside our Annual Research Conference. For more information on either of these events, just get in touch with Oliver Lowe at