Enterprise Education

SBC Workshop 24 January 2017

This event will showcase examples of best practice in creating an enterprise culture in business schools.


The Eighth Directors of Research Meeting

12 Oct 22

Event venue: Online

The Eighth Directors of Research Meeting 14:00-15:00, 12 October, online This virtual meeting is solely for Directors of Research (or those with an…

The Twenty Second Deans’ Meeting

12 Oct 22

Event venue: Online

The Twenty Second Deans' Meeting 16:00-17:00, 12 October, online This online meeting is solely for Deans from Chartered ABS member business…

CMBE workshop – Innovations in postgraduate education: authentic alternatives to the Masters dissertation

3 Nov 22

Event venue: University of the West of England

Innovations in postgraduate education: authentic alternatives to the Master's dissertation Thursday 3 November, University of the West of England…

Chartered ABS Annual Conference 2022

7 Nov 22 - 8 Nov 22

Event venue: ETC venues, County Hall, London

The yearly gathering of Deans and leadership teams of UK business schools Bring colleagues and save 25% Each November the Chartered ABS Annual Conference brings together over 200…

The Twenty Fourth Deans’ Meeting

7 Feb 23

Event venue: Online

The Twenty Fourth Deans' Meeting 14:00-15:00, 7 February, online This online meeting is solely for Deans from Chartered ABS member business…

The Twenty Fifth Deans’ Meeting

9 May 23

Event venue: Online

The Twenty Fifth Deans' Meeting 14:00-15:00, 9 May, online This online meeting is solely for Deans from Chartered ABS member business schools.…


Designing policies to harness the benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI) for sustainable development

Project Background Foreign direct investment (FDI) and the related activities of multinationals companies (MNCs) have an important part to play in sustainable development,…

Learning, Teaching & Student Experience (LTSE) 2021 – Conference Proceedings

Learning, Teaching & Student Experience (LTSE) 2021 once again took place virtually, with the conference exploring a range of topics across a variety of themes: Innovations in…

All Welcome: A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events

ALL WELCOME A guide to inclusive, accessible and sustainable events BAM and the Chartered ABS are committed to promoting equality, diversity,…

Chartered ABS Taskforce report: Business schools and the public good

The Chartered ABS Taskforce report, 'Business Schools and the Public Good' is the result of a taskforce established to consider how business schools understand and deliver…

Academic Journal Guide

The Guide outlines the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management academics publish their research.

Chartered ABS response to ESRC review of the PhD in Social Sciences

The ESRC Review of the PhD in the Social Sciences aims to ensure PhD training is fit for the future, supports a diverse population of students and remains internationally…

BEIS Consultation on the UK R&D Roadmap 2020

The Chartered ABS has submitted a response to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consultation on the UK’s Research & Development Roadmap.

National Student Survey 2020: Results for Business and Management Studies

Our analysis of the results of the 2020 National Student Survey results for Business and Management Studies.

Perspectives On: A Case for Peer-Assisted Learning

Dr Grigorios Theodosopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, and Sue Hardman, Senior Lecturer in Financial Accounting & Auditing, Brunel Business School

Evolving into cosmopolitan learning communities has, in recent years, become a norm across business schools, challenging them to innovate, anticipate, and cater for the…

Research Income for Business and Management 2020

Read our full analysis of the 2018/19 HESA data on business and management research income.

Business and Administrative Studies staff salary data analysed by ethnicity and gender

This report looks at academic and non-academic staff by salary range, gender and ethnicity, based on 2018-19 HESA data.

Corporate leadership on modern slavery

Background Addressing modern slavery is becoming a business-critical issue – essential for the credibility and legitimacy of a business in the eyes of all its stakeholders. On…

Our analysis of HESA student enrollment data for Business and Administrative Studies 2018-19

Our analysis of the newly released HESA student enrolment dataset for 2018/19 highlights the latest trends in enrolments for Business & Administrative Studies courses.

Perspectives On: Intellectual Challenge in Business Schools

Dr. Berry O’Donovan, Principal Lecturer Student Experience, and Birgit den Outer, Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University Business School

What does "intellectual challenge" mean in modern HE, and how can business pedagogy legitimise it?

Perspectives On: Authentic learning with large student groups

How business schools can teach undergraduates employability skills using the 'authentic learning' pedagogical approach.

Annual Membership Survey 2019: results and analysis

We analyse the priorities and areas of attention facing the UK's business schools for the year ahead.

Consultation on Higher Technical Education

Read and download our full response to the consultation on Higher Technical Education

Consultation on Research Leadership in the Social Sciences

Read and download our full response to the consultation on Research Leadership in the Social Sciences

Analysis of Postgraduate Qualifications in Business & Administrative Studies

Our first of a kind report provides detailed insights into postgraduate provision within the fields of Business and Management.

Smart Parks

Find out how the Internet of Things is improving management of green spaces.

NHS Quicker: Informing attendance choices for urgent care

A high-tech solution helps improve the allocation of healthcare services.

National Student Survey 2019: Results for Law

National Student Survey 2019: Results for Law The results from the 2019 National Student Survey were released to the general public on 3 July 2019.…

Working with the Welsh Government to change policy and practice in the delivery of adult social care

The team from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School take on challenges in recruiting domiciliary care workers.

Calculating the trade-off between short and long-term benefits in policy-making

Background There is significant expert disagreement on how the distant future should be valued relative to the present. In general, people have a strong preference to consume now…

National Student Survey 2019: Results for Business & Management studies

Our analysis of the results of the 2019 National Student Survey.

Research Income for Law – 2013/14 to 2017/18

By request, we analyse the HESA data on Research Income for the Law subjects from 2013 to 2018.

Helping individuals into employment through improved policies and programmes

Find out how research into labour market policies has improved access to work.

Research Income for Business and Management 2019

Business and Management funding rose over 2017/18, but did not keep pace with inflation.

The changing shape of business education provision

The changing shape of business education provision analyses a range of new and alternative business education providers, and explores how a range of external influences may disrupt…

Consultation on the design of the KEF – Chartered ABS Response

Read and download our full response to the KEF Consultation

Independent Review of the TEF – Chartered ABS Response

Read and download our response to the Independent Review of Subject-Level TEF

Sport integrity: informing policy to tackle corruption in professional sports

Business and management research creates new tools for analysing match fixing, leading to real policy change

New index measuring the strength of patent systems shapes the decision making and strategic responses of firms and policymakers

Research from the University of Liverpool Management School results in an innovate new Index for assessing patent strength

Transforming palliative and end-of-life care for service users

Research connects providers to bring efficiency and dignity to palliative care

Delivering value through collaborative working in social housing

A new procurement model developed by business academics transforms the social housing sector

The Path to Becoming a Vice-Chancellor

Our latest report, “The Path to Becoming a Vice-Chancellor”, analyses the low representation of business school Deans among VCs and offers advice for those hoping to make the…

Making diversity everyone’s business: multi-level changes in institutional policy and practice

The University of Birmingham’s Enterprise and Diversity Alliance uses expertise to tackle the issues BAME entrepreneurs have in accessing finance.

Degree Apprenticeships Resources and Guidance for Business Schools

Degree Apprenticeships Resources and Guidance for Business Schools These resources are intended to illuminate and illustrate best practice for…

Chartered ABS evidence and response to the draft guidelines for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

We respond to the published draft assessment criteria and guidelines for making submissions to Ref 2021

APPG inquiry into international students – Chartered ABS evidence and response

We present the case for a competitive and accessible post-study visa regime for international students.

Pathways to Success: Strategic Groups of UK Business Schools, second edition

Designed to help Deans and Heads of Schools develop business models to support their business schools to operate and grow.

Annual Membership Survey 2018: results and analysis

Assessing key sector priorities for the year ahead

Building an Executive Education Team: A White Paper on key competencies and structures

This white paper will be valuable for business schools looking to build and grow their executive education provision.

Widening Access to HE in Scotland

A team of Scottish researchers shed light on barriers to higher education with a rigorous evidence-based approach.

Addressing organisational challenges to improve malaria health care in southern Africa

Teaching a sustainable, regional approach to management empowers local health groups.

Cutting Carbon Footprints in the Service Sector

Training influenced by research from Southampton Business School now saves a typical hair salon £5,300 a year.

Improving decision making in organisations

Strathclyde Business School develops a high-tech solution for effective group decision making.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Survey: Our analysis

This report focuses on the results for graduates in Business & Administrative studies from the annual Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

National Student Survey 2018: Results for Business & Management studies

Our analysis of the results of the 2018 National Student Survey.

Delivering ‘public value’ through collaboration with policymakers & public service leaders

Cardiff's demand led approach to research enables policymakers to access and apply research evidence that improves policy making and delivery.

Revealing the factors which drive innovation, growth and productivity in small and medium-sized enterprises

Producing intelligence on SME growth and performance for UK and international policymakers and practitioners.

Perspectives On: Dual Degrees

Dr Anders Wappling, Newcastle Business School examines the challenges and opportunities of dual degrees for business schools.

Consultation on TEF at subject-level: response from Chartered ABS

This Department for Education (DfE) consultation was used to gather views from relevant stakeholders on how TEF at subject-level could be introduced in a manner that is both…

Research funding for business schools revealed in latest Chartered ABS report

UK funding for business and management research in decline whilst funding from EU sources increase

Academic Journal Guide

The Guide outlines the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management academics publish their research.

The Impact of Executive Education report

We are pleased to publish our report on ‘The Impact of Executive Education: A Review of Current Practice & Trends’. The report explores how the outcomes of UK business…

Tool for professional development reviews and staff development

The Chartered ABS Professional Managers’ Committee has produced this Professional Development Matrix, which shows the range of competencies and skills required to be…

Response to HM Treasury’s, “Financing growth in innovative firms”

In November 2016 the Prime Minister announced that HM Treasury would lead a review designed to strengthen growing innovative firms within the UK. The review explores long-term…

Pathways to Success: Strategic groups of UK business schools

Our analysis of business schools across the UK.

Response to Skills Commission Apprenticeships & Social Mobility Inquiry

On the 23rd of August, Chartered ABS carried out a survey measuring how reforms to the apprenticeship system are affecting social mobility amongst disadvantaged young people. This…

National Student Survey 2017: Business and administrative studies results

Our analysis of the results of the 2017 National Student Survey.

Perspectives On: Sessional Staff

How can business schools support sessional staff to realise their full potential and, in turn, improve the student experience?

Response to HM Government Green Paper “Building our Industrial Strategy”

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our response to the Governments Green Paper "Building our Industrial Strategy".

Response to the NewDLHE consultation

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our response to HEFCE's consultation on the NewDLHE

Research Income for Business and Management, 2017 report

Chartered Association of Business Schools

Our annual report on research income for UK Business & Management

Response to second Research Excellence Framework Consultation

Read our full response to the second Research Excellence Framework consultation.

Draft strategic guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships: Chartered ABS response

Our response to the Governement's Draft strategic guidance for Institute for Apprenticeships consultation.

How business school graduates fare after graduation

Our report, based on DfE and HESA data, on how Business and Administrative studies students fare after graduation draws promising conclusions in regards to their employment…

Developing a more enterprising and innovative economy through the Edinburgh Napier and Fife Economy partnership

Edinburgh Napier University has developed an innovative growth accelerator programme in response to the Fife Economic Strategy 2013-2023 which aspires to ‘develop a more…

Enterprise and Diversity Alliance at CREME (Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship)

The EDA is a unique grouping of public and private sector organisations dedicated to promoting diversity and enterprise.

Business, Improvement and Growth (BIG): Applying research to support SMEs

Learn more about the Business, Improvement and Growth (BIG) programme, designed to identify the drivers of growth and performance for SMEs in their local context and to help…

Active engagement with the regional economy and practitioners

Find out how Strathclyde Business School put their belief, in knowledge co-production and research excellence, into practice through active engagement with practitioners.

Providing growth equity to early stage companies through the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund

Find out more about the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund which is a £10 million venture capital fund, providing growth equity to early stage companies.

Supporting food suppliers to shape how businesses meet customer needs and achieve growth

This three-year initiative, led by CIBEP researcher, Dr Geoff Simmons and Professor Andrew Fearne (University of East Anglia) is focused on supporting Northern Ireland food…

Annual Membership Survey 2016

Annual snapshot of the trends and challenges in UK business schools

Perspectives On: International Student Mobility

Dr Monika Foster explores the benefits of international student mobility on the overall student experience.

Business schools: delivering value to local and regional economies

Chartered Association of Business Schools

How business schools contribute to local and regional growth and productivity

National Student Survey 2016: Results for business and administrative studies

NSS results for 2016 showed that courses in business and administrative studies are highly regarded by the student body.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey consultation: Chartered ABS response

Our response to HESA's consultation on changes to the DLHE survey

Funding to support teaching in Higher Education Consultation: Chartered ABS response

Chartered ABS response to the consultation on teaching funding to support widening access and successful student outcomes.

Response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation. We recorded the support of members in…

Response to Lord Stern’s Review of the Research Excellence Framework

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to Lord Stern's review of the Research Excellence Framework. In our view the Stern Review needs to…

Research Income for Business and Management: 2010-2014

This report provides analysis of research income in the field of Business and Management for the years 2010/11 to 2013/14. The report tracks funding from a variety of sources and…

UK business schools and international student recruitment

The Government’s current student visa policy is having detrimental effects on universities and the economy. This report focuses on recruitment trends of international students…

Response to the Higher Education Green Paper

Following a consultation with our members, we have submitted a formal response to BIS as part of the consultation process on the Government's Higher Education Green Paper -…

Reflections on the role of the business school dean

This report provides insights into the motivations, expectations, and challenges of university-based business school deans.

Annual Membership Survey 2015

Chartered ABS Annual Membership Survey 2015 This report provides an annual snapshot and insights into some of the key challenges and trends in the UK business school sector.

Regional economic impacts: input-output models and spatial econometrics

This impact case study is based on research concerning the estimation of regional economic impacts through input-output models (IO models) and spatial econometrics.

Developing and implementing ‘extended Business Reporting Language’ standards for online corporate reporting

Research by Birmingham Business School academics has contributed to the successful use of XBRL as the standard for mandatory on-line filing of company statutory accounts and tax…

Improving carbon accounting to drive better corporate carbon performance

Research from Francisco Ascui and Craig MacKenzie, Centre for Business and Climate Change Centre at Edinburgh Business School has improved the international practice of carbon…

Growing Your Small Business report

Growing Your Small Business A report published with the Chartered Management Institute which looks at how SMEs can work with business schools and professional bodies to improve…

National Student Survey 2015: Table of results

The Chartered ABS provides a spreadsheet which ranks the survey results of students studying business and management at 130 institutions.

Modelling economic impact for national governments

BU researchers, Professor John Fletcher and Professor Adam Blake, have developed and pioneered new approaches to estimate the economic impacts of tourism activities.

Digital destinations and marketing technology for SMEs

Research conducted by Dr. Philip Alford at Bournemouth University is transforming small owner-managed enterprises into more entrepreneurial and innovative businesses, enabled by…

Migrant workers and vulnerable employment

Research by Dr Steve French has influenced UK employment law and changed how policy makers and practitioners think about vulnerable employment.

Encouraging innovation: A changing framework for the financing of small-to-medium enterprises

Research led by Professor Paul Nightingale has been involved in working with policy-makers to evaluate the most effective schemes to provide finance and other support for SMEs.

Ensuring credit unions are fit for purpose

Professor John O. S. Wilson's research has sought to understand the growth, development, scale, scope, governance and performance of credit unions in different countries.

New Directions for Local Economic Renewal

Research conducted by the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) at Manchester Business School has been used to develop a new approach to economic regeneration.

Employer Sponsored Volunteering

Dr Joanne Cook at the University of Hull and Dr Jon Burchell from the University of Sheffield led a research project on Employee Sponsored Volunteering (ESV).

Ethics Guide 2015: Advice and Guidance

This Guide offers a practical framework to help individuals in business schools make informed and transparent decisions and communicate ethical choices to others.

Addressing inequalities in health: Shaping the allocation of resources in the National Health Service

Research conducted by Professor John Wildman at Newcastle University Business School highlighted the issues with data and calculations used to understand the relationship between…

Perspectives On: Employability

Dr Paul Cashian, Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Coventry University with Prof. Julia Clarke, Pro-Dean for Student Education, Leeds University Business School; and Mark Richardson, Head of Worcester Business School

Is it time to move the employability debate on?

Improving the governance of sport organisations

Research undertaken by the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre on the broader sports sector has been used to improve governance practices across national governing bodies of sport.

Academic Journal Guide

The Guide outlines the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management academics publish their research.

Improving Mental Capital and Wellbeing: A Foresight Programme

Professor Cooper was appointed lead scientist on the Mental Capital and Wellbeing Foresight project, commissioned by the UK Government Office for Science to inform its vision and…

Towards Fairer Compensation

Academics from Cass Business School have created a better model for calculating compensation which has resulted in fairer compensation for people making claims in the civil or…

Improving Labour Relations in Global Ports

The research of Cardiff Business School’s Professor Peter Turnbull has been central to port employers, trade unions and governments meeting challenges and has helped to establish…

Sports Integrity

Dr David Forrest, Dr Ian McHale and Dr Rob Simmons

Two academics from Salford Business School provide solid contributions in sports business through their research on sports integrity.

Cost-effectiveness of a gender-neutral vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Kingston University Business School's Professor Giampiero Favato joined and contributed to a multidisciplinary research programme (BEST), aimed to demonstrate the…

Sustainable environmental management in smaller ports

This impact case study profiles research to build the capacity of smaller ports to perform economically and grow more sustainably through interfacing the knowledge and skills of…

Achieving economic and environmental improvements in organisations through low carbon supply chain resource modelling

This research by Sheffield University Management School into supply chain resource modelling has had economic and environmental impact, helping businesses adapt operations to…

Working with Acas – informing advice, policy and guidance

The research has been undertaken in an economic and political context in which issues of workplace conflict resolution and downsizing have been central to public policy concerns

The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in UK Economic Development

Professor Sara Carter and Professor Eleanor Shaw

This research demonstrates that women entrepreneurs make important contributions to economic development, but are disadvantaged by initial under-capitalisation.

Performance Partnering on the Astute Submarine Programme

This research focused on the defense industry investigated how the power structures underpinning particular buyer-supplier relationships affected the supplier’s willingness to…

Increasing gender diversity in the boardroom by influencing national policy

Professor Susan Vinnicombe

Our research highlights the business case for women on boards, as well as seeking a better understanding of the reasons for lack of progress.

New Sustainable Business Model for Low-Volume Car Manufacturing

Mass car production is the world’s largest manufacturing sector, yet its historical development is poorly understood.

Evolution of business knowledge helps SME’s

This case study focuses on research led by Professor Richard Thorpe and Ossie Jones on management learning and leadership in small and medium‐sized enterprises.

The Impact of Business School Research: Economic and Social Benefits

Professor Robin Mason

We showcase some of the very best examples of “impact” coming from business schools across the UK in this publication.

Building the Leadership Capacity of UK Business Schools: A collection of thought pieces

This series of thought pieces observes the challenges and trends of leadership in business schools through contributions generated from our second annual ‘business school…

Manifesto for Growth 2014

In September 2014, the association outlined its key pledges for the incoming government of the next general election in areas concerning STEMM, business education funding and…

21st Century Leaders: Building Practice into the Curriculum to Boost Employability

This joint report with the Chartered Management Institute and Quality Assurance Agency highlights the gap in the collaboration between employers and business schools. It suggests…

Perspectives On: Anonymous Marking – For or Against?

This instalment provides a series of brief ‘perspectives’ on challenging learning and teaching issues authored by members of the Association of Business Schools' Learning,…

Innovation Task Force Report: “The Role of UK Business Schools in Driving Innovation in the Domestic Economy”

This report identifies opportunities for practical action to increase the impact of British business schools on innovation and growth in the United Kingdom economy. It provides…

Policy Network Brochure 2013: Is it possible to Balance Student Demands with Business Needs?

This publication, which emerged from the 2013 ABS Policy Network meetings discusses current business and management education policy matters besides latest government opinion on…

ABS Ethics Guide 2012

Introduction Business and management studies are a central component of the learning, teaching, research, enterprise and administrative work of nearly all universities in the…

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2010

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2010

Pillars and Annual Report 2010/11

This edition of the Pillars report focuses on sustainable economy and provides an account of the organisations’ finance for the year ending 2010

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2009

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2009

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2008

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2008

Pillars and Annual Report 2007/08

This edition of the Pillars report focuses on sustainable economy and provides an account of the organisations’ finance for the year ending 2007.

Academic Journal Quality Guide 2007

Details for the Academic Journal Quality Guide 2007