UK Bridge Programme 2018

Supporting business executives to teach in business schools

Sunday 24 - Friday 29 June 2018
London, experience multiple business school locations

The Bridge Programme equips business executives with the skills and training to teach and work in leading business schools throughout the world. The programme is tailored to support corporate leaders and business executives make a successful transition into business school teaching.

In response to demand from UK business schools for more business leaders to teach on their programmes, the Chartered Association of Business Schools has collaborated with AACSB to provide a clear path to move from the world of business to the classroom. We draw on the expertise of a wide variety of visiting speakers, including professional educators, academics (who themselves have crossed the bridge from business) and experts in specific key aspects of teaching.

Participants who complete the programme will join an alumni of senior executives from Ernst & Young, BP, Coca-Cola and other companies, who now teach the next generation of business leaders throughout the world.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Create an engaging and motivating learning environment
  • Understand how to plan, organise and deliver good quality teaching inputs
  • Develop effective class management techniques
  • Improve teaching skills to inspire and mentor today’s students
  • Network within the business school community
  • Prepare for the practical reality of teaching, including technology, classroom management, and quality assurance

Guest speakers:

The programme benefits from some of the sector's leading teaching practitioners and innovators. Examples of speakers from recent programmes include:


Professor Marianne Lewis
Cass Business School, City, University of London


Professor Pam Parker
Deputy Director, Learning Enhancement and Development,
City, University of London


Professor Margaret Price
Emiritus Professor
Oxford Brookes University Business School


Professor Julie Hall
Deputy Provost, Roehampton University
Former Acting Director, Roehampton Business School


Professor Clive Holtham
Director, Cass Learning Laboratory
Cass Business School


Tony Sheehan
Associate Dean, Digital Learning
London Business School

“One thing is certain. Any graduate of the Bridge Programme goes into academia with their eyes wide open. They not only bring a wealth of business skills and experience— but also have a cultural sensitivity about how best to deploy them.”

Non-Executive Director, Turkish Bank Ltd


“The Bridge Programme has opened a door of academic understanding. The programme leaders provided a skillfully crafted curriculum that is designed as an interactive experience.”

Vice President of Quality, Motorola


“Having begun my journey over the bridge to academia in 2014, this has been an amazing opportunity to pause, reflect and refine my skills as a higher education professional...I have returned…with a clearer view of how to provide a strong learning experience for students, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Thank you for providing this opportunity to refine my craft and validate my new career choice.”

Director of Banking Initiatives, Queens University

Based on the successful Bridge programme offered at top US business schools, this one-week intensive programme is designed to help participants:

  1. Learn how to create an engaging and motivating learning environment
  2. Understand how to plan, organise and deliver quality programmes
  3. Develop effective class management techniques
  4. Improve teaching skills to inspire and mentor today’s students
  5. Network within the business school community
  6. Prepare for the practical reality of teaching including technology, classroom management, and quality assurance.

The programme modules include:

  1. The business school context
  2. What do I bring to the classroom? – Teaching vs. Learning
  3. How students learn
  4. Teaching and learning methodologies
  5. Managing the classroom
  6. Technology - use and abuse
  7. Quality Assurance systems – framework and practical application
  8. Innovation in teaching
  9. Internationalisation
  10. Assessment and outcomes

For further details and a programme outline, please contact Lisa Boulter on

Keith Pond for WEB jpg

Dr Keith Pond
Senior Lecturer in Banking & Finance

Keith has extensive experience in teaching internationally and of involvement in international Higher Education projects. Keith has crossed the bridge from business to academia. He is a former manager with Midland Bank and maintains an intensely practical approach to his teaching, where he champions e-learning and employability development at school, university, national and international levels.

Keith has taught widely across undergraduate, post-experience and postgraduate students both in the UK and abroad, including Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Finland and Singapore.

From 2010 to 2017 Keith held the post of Associate Dean (Teaching) at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics.  In this role he was actively involved in the preparation of the school's successful triple accreditation applications of EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.  Performing both Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement tasks Keith draw on 40 years of professional, commercial, teaching and administrative experience.

Keith has authored a number of texts and websites on banking areas and has published widely in the academic and professional press.  He was part of the Quality Assurance Agency benchmark review team for Business and Management in 2015.  Outside his university role Keith is an active member of the London Institute of Banking & Finance, a member of the EFMD On-line Course Certification (EOCCS) Board and a member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools' Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Committee.


You can read more about Keith's thoughts on teaching in his weekly blog:

The Bridge Programme has been designed for individuals with business executive backgrounds who teach, or want to teach, in business schools.

Applicants must have:

  • Five years’ professional experience related to their discipline of interest
  • In-depth industry knowledge, with significant levels of responsibility and expertise
  • A master’s degree or equivalent professional qualilfication
  • Little to no prior teaching experience


£3,630 (includes welcome and farewell dinners and course materials)

To apply, use the form on the AACSB website:

For enquiries and to express interest please contact:

Lisa Boulter
020 7634 9582