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Lively policy roundtable discussions focusing on the following themes: Globalisation, The Challenge of Economic Regeneration, The Challenge of the Reformed Student Market Place and Sector Regulation.

This move was been welcomed by The Universities and Science Minister David Willetts who said:

"UK business schools are undoubtedly an important part of the HE agenda. Collectively, they provide business and management education for over 250,000 students a year and business and management is the fastest growing subject. The HE landscape is changing and I congratulate business schools for getting together to look at how they can be more nimble, continue to deliver world class education and ensure that UK programmes are considered by all students as an attractive option.

"I welcome this move by the Association to crystallise current thinking and take policy matters forward in a positive and meaningful manner."

The 2013 series will concentrate on the theme: Is it possible to balance student demands with business needs?

Notes from the meetings can be found below:

London Meetings:

Keeping it Lean – how can we improve services and maximize expenditure on the student experience?

Embracing change in development and delivery of teaching and learning in business

Relevance and Impact of Business Schools to Business and Government

Supporting students to achieve their employment ambitions and beyond – aided by technology

Devolved nations:

Northern Ireland



*2013 Policy brochure: Balancing the demands of students with business needs*


 Business Schools Seizing the Future  features the outcomes from 2012.

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