Update on new Learning and Development Opportunities for Professional Managers

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As one of their key strategic aims, the Professional Managers’ Steering Committee (PMSC) has committed to producing new learning and development opportunities for professional managers in business schools.

After an extensive consultation, culminating in the Annual Conference which took place at Regents College, London, last December, the PMSC has identified four initial areas of focus (domains) for learning development. These are:

1. Gaining, planning and deploying resources
2. Utilising interpersonal communications and persuasion
3. Developing and implementing policy
4. Strategic planning

Each domain is co-ordinated by PMSC members and supported by colleagues who generously volunteered following an appeal at the conference.

The aim is to develop a Community of Practice and Learning for each domain which can be accessed by all professional managers in Chartered ABS member institutions. It is intended that accessing or contributing material, participating in events etc will be recognised thereby providing an opportunity for managers to grow a learning portfolio to assist them in their practice.

The groups are now starting the process of identifying the knowledge and skills associated with their domain areas with a view to developing appropriate repositories of knowledge and best practice, planning events etc.

Progress will be reported in the early summer at which point a further bulletin will be issued explaining how the work is to be taken forward and how the wider professional manager community can be involved in this exciting development.

If, in the meantime, there is any information that you would like – or support that you would be able to offer – please do contact the PMSC via the Chartered Association of Business Schools at emmanuel.igwe@charteredabs.org