Working Groups

From time to time, we create working groups to work on specific issues. These working groups are often appointed for a specific period of time until the work has been completed.

Race Equality Action Group

The purpose of the Race Equality Action Group is to:

  1. Discuss issues around race equality with regards to business schools and the Chartered ABS;
  2. Identify and agree key themes;
  3. Propose actions that the Chartered ABS might take to bring about equality;
  4. Develop an implementation plan for identified actions;
  5. Agree actions with the EDI Committee;
  6. Help the Chartered ABS take those actions;
  7. Measure – monitoring and evaluation of initiatives;
  8. Determine impact and contribution of actions.



  • Dr Kathlyn Wilson, University of Hertfordshire (Chair) 
  • Dr Sola Adesola, Oxford Brookes Business School (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Kendi Guantai, Leeds University Business School
  • Dr Cynthia Akwei, Liverpool Business School
  • Professor Fatima Annan-Diab, Kingston University
  • Rachael Carden, Brighton Business School
  • Professor Ratula Chakraborty, Norwich Business School
  • Professor Sally Everett, Kings Business School
  • Dr Vanessa Iwowo, Birkbeck School of Business, Economics and Informatics
  • Dr Aylin Kunter, Essex Business School
  • Dr Stefanos Nachmias, Nottingham Business School
  • Dr Jennifer O'Connor, Middlesex University
  • Dr Jummy Okoya, University of East London
  • Dr Jenny Rodriguez, Alliance Manchester Business School
  • Professor Sukanlaya Sawang, Coventry University
  • Dr Maria Yassim, University of Greenwich