Wednesday 26 June, Bristol

The Chartered ABS Interdisciplinary Research Symposium brings together Directors of Research and senior staff within UK business schools; and representatives of the interdisciplinary collaborator community, research funders, and other stakeholders.

The Symposium is the opportunity for detailed and candid discussion about how interdisciplinarity is leading to innovative research that is helping to tackle today’s grand challenges; the extent to which the ecosystem is sufficiently enabling interdisciplinary research through funding opportunities, promotion pathways and the REF; and about what business schools and parent institutions can do to further incentivise and catalyse interdisciplinary research.

By the end of the Symposium participants will have:

  • New insights into how interdisciplinary research is creating solutions to complex societal challenges and helping to tackle grand challenges
  • A deeper understanding of how business schools, and parent universities, in formal and informal ways can enhance their capacity for interdisciplinarity, support Early Career Researchers, and develop promotion pathways that more effectively recognise interdisciplinary activity.
  • Fresh ideas about how to tackle the tension that can exist between the value placed on interdisciplinary research and disciplinary-oriented publication goals
  • Greater clarity about the evolving funding landscape and the practicalities of accessing funding for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research
  • Enhanced knowledge about how interdisciplinary research activity will be assessed in the REF and what is being done to incentivise interdisciplinary outputs.
  • New perspectives of the day to day realities of being involved in an interdisciplinary research project
  • New ideas about how interdisciplinarity can help universities optimise the use of limited resource

The Symposium will be led by expert guest speakers with discussions facilitated by members of the Chartered ABS Research Committee.

Professor Alison Park

Deputy Executive Chair, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

The programme is in development and will be released soon

Professor Alison Park,

Deputy Executive Chair, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


Alison joined ESRC as Director of Research in January 2019 and served as Interim Executive Chair between January 2021 and June 2023.

Prior to joining ESRC she was Professor of Social Research and Director of CLOSER (Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources), a significant ESRC-funded collaboration based at the University College London (UCL) Social Research Institute. CLOSER brings together leading UK longitudinal studies, the British Library and the UK Data Service to maximise the use, value and impact of longitudinal studies.


Much of Alison’s career prior to joining UCL was spent at NatCen Social Research, leading research teams that designed, implemented and analysed a wide variety of government and academic studies, including Understanding Society and the British Social Attitudes Survey

The Interdisciplinary Research Symposium will take place at the:

Brunel's SS Great Britain

Great Western Dockyard
Gas Ferry Road
Bristol BS1 6TY


Participants are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements. For recommended hotels see below:

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