Dynamic Conversations: Embedding data literacy throughout the undergraduate business curriculum

Dr Liz Cunningham of Newcastle Business School concentrates on the problem of the curriculum gap between Level 4 and Level 6 undergraduate degrees.

Business undergraduates struggle with the quantitative modules taught in most Business Schools at Level 4. The students find the content of these modules daunting, particularly spreadsheet software. The next time they encounter data analysis is when they go out on placement, or more usually when they enter Level 6 and need to analyse dissertation data. Placements offer the opportunity to “catch-up” with data analysis but students who have not done a placement struggle.

One solution to this problem is the introduction of a Level 5 module, building on the skills taught at Level 4. The content of this module would involve students in the analysis of current, relevant data, including data they collect themselves, aiming at developing an appreciation of the importance of data in both education and business.


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